In this video Benji and Sean video influencers go through the most common mistakes they’ve seen people make. These mistakes included: looking into the viewfinder instead of the lens, spamming other people’s YouTube comments and not engaging with them instead, having confusing titles that only mean something to you, it should be searchable content to gain new people to your channel, not being consistent, posting a new video once a week is preferred, don’t post once and disappear for months, and having a weak intro, you need to grab someone’s attention right away (within 5-10 seconds) to keep them watching, starting with a question is suggested.

Also recommended was to make sure your background wasn’t distracting, making sure your audio, video and lighting have been considered, it doesn’t mean spending a fortune on expensive equipment, but rather thinking about the overall look and sound of your video. Low energy is not a good look either, because you are trying to get people excited about your channel and coming back or continue watching, you can’t be monotoned or seem bored.

The last suggestion was to not be impatient. It takes time to find your niche, your audience and to hone your skills. I agree with most of what they are saying. This is a beginner’s video and they have several more. I think they did a great job of explaining how some very simple changes can make a big difference. I agree with grabbing the attention of the viewer in the first few seconds, I watched a lot of other videos before deciding on this one and the reason I chose it was because it was the one that captured my attention right away and made me want to continue watching. I will keep it in mind when I start to create my own videos.

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