Increase Your Conversions

Getting traffic to convert is key.

Benefits Of Doing SMM Campaigns

There are a lot of social platforms out there (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, online communities and forums, and company blogs). As a critical aspect of marketing your business, a strong social media presence can help promote both your business and your new website.

ACQUI Technology can make website and social media updates at specified time intervals for you. ACQUI Technology can make website and social media updates at specified time intervals for you. If you need website content writing as well, we can do that too. This could include newsletters, company updates, recent projects, employee spotlights, as well as, a page dedicated to talent acquisition. We want to keep your company in the forefront of people’s minds and help you grow.

Measure Your Visits

Your website is a great sales tool, so it’s important you understand just how well it’s working for you. To be able to measure how well it is working you need web analytics. Google Analytics can provide you with this data but trying to decipher hundreds and thousands of stats and find the answers you need is complex for most novice users.

As advanced users of Google Analytics, we can configure your website and analytics account to send a custom, easy to understand report once a month that will give you all the information you need to know, such as:
• Visitor traffic stats vs last month’s results
• Total emails sent via contact forms
• Google Rankings
• Conversion rates

Measure Your Visits

Know where you stand as a base and increase from there.


Results. Results. Results.









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