While I usually work remotely, I know many of you do not. I have a few tips that have worked for me listed below. Getting into the right frame of mind for work when you are at home takes some time, it is important to set some rules for yourself to be as efficient as you can be.

  • You need to have the right equipment to protect your system. Make sure your information is safe. Do your research and if you have questions, ask! Visit our online business tool page for more info.

  • Designate your workspace. It really helps to set aside a space that doesn’t serve another purpose. I know that is sometimes easier said than done (sometimes, I have toys on my desk that are not mine).

  • Set a schedule and stick to it. Again, a little easier said than done, but maintaining a schedule is important, so you stay on track and focused. Start work at the same time every day and schedule what you want to do for that day or week.
  • Get dressed for work. I know it seems silly to mention. However, if you get ready for work instead of staying in your sweats, it makes a difference.