Why should you include Twitter in your social media strategy?

Twitter has 21 million worldwide active users. For this reason, using Twitter can extend your local and global reach, increase brand awareness and be used as a research and prospecting tool. To learn more about how Twitter and other social media platforms can increase your visibility and promote your company on a much larger scale,

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Are you unsure about using Facebook as part of your social media strategy?

Here is why you should! Not only are there 2.121 billion people worldwide that are active users each month, but there are many advantages that your company can gain by including Facebook in your social media campaign. This platform drives traffic to your website, builds brand awareness and influence and gives you insight and analytics

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Pros and Cons of IoT

“The Internet of things (IoT) refers to the sensors and data-communication technology that is built into physical objects that enables them to be tracked and controlled over the Internet” (Education, 2018). The expansion of control over numerous physical devices through the internet has pros and cons. The ability to turn on the lights, order

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