Why should you include Twitter in your social media strategy?

Twitter has 21 million worldwide active users. For this reason, using Twitter can extend your local and global reach, increase brand awareness and be used as a research and prospecting tool. To learn more about how Twitter and other social media platforms can increase your visibility and promote your company on a much larger scale,

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Are you unsure about using Facebook as part of your social media strategy?

Here is why you should! Not only are there 2.121 billion people worldwide that are active users each month, but there are many advantages that your company can gain by including Facebook in your social media campaign. This platform drives traffic to your website, builds brand awareness and influence and gives you insight and analytics

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Social Media Audit Template

Do you need help organizing your social media strategy? Do you want to be able to see how and what your competitors are doing as well as adjust and improve your own social media strategy easily and efficiently?Acqui Technology strives to provide our clients with organizational and efficient tools to help simplify their business processes

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Time management can be difficult

In Peter Drucker’s process for managing time there are three elements: 1) recording your time 2) time management and 3) consolidating your time.  In order to manage your time well you need to know how much time you spend on each task.  Once you are able to asses and manage your time well you

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What are cascading goals and what does it mean at the tactical level of an organization?

At the tactical level of an organization the concept of having cascading goals is referring to how the vision of the company is translated and put into action by everyone in the company. The vision of a company should be well thought out and explained thoroughly to everyone. The vision starts at the highest

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Why and when did my customer abandon their cart?

I have worked in ecommerce for the past ten years. An issue I noticed and wanted to understand in order to minimize it was abandoned carts. At some point during their purchasing process, people would stop and not complete the purchase. What part of the process caused them to abandon their purchase? Was it shipping

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One of the more difficult tasks to accomplish in life and in business is change. When strategic information systems are implemented there is a certain amount of change and adjustment that takes place. Because organizations have their own structure, processes and people unique unto themselves, a few challenges may be presented. “Strategic information systems

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Identifying and nurturing your mobile capabilities (people, processes & technologies)

When deciding to venture into mobile marketing as a company, you must analyze your mobile capabilities. Where do we begin, how do we identify the issues and how do we improve? These are all question that need to be asked, researched and answered before you start. “Harold Leavitt coined the phrase people, process, and

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