In Peter Drucker’s process for managing time there are three elements: 1) recording your time 2) time management and 3) consolidating your time.  In order to manage your time well you need to know how much time you spend on each task.  Once you are able to asses and manage your time well you can then consolidate your time to streamline the entire process.  This is sometimes much easier said than done.

I do believe that part of Drucker’s process is for people to take responsibility for their own work productivity. I also think that in business, a lot of people feel that there is a great deal of work time wasted. Therefore, streamlining the work flow becomes all too consuming. The constant need to be faster, more productive and efficient encourages this way of thinking. While I believe in process, I also believe that when it comes to how someone best manages their time is up to the individual.  I believe while you can have the best of intentions, old habits creep in.  I would be guilty of not managing my time with others well and would benefit from setting a realistic time and sticking to it.  By not doing so, I add stress to myself and take my time schedule completely off track.

I think Drucker would appreciate The Time Management Matrix by Dwight D. Eisenhower because it too attempts to manage time more efficiently on daily tasks. Stephen R. Covey brought Eisenhower’s Time Management Matrix into modern times in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. By quickly organizing the importance of what is urgent, what is not urgent at the moment and delegating some things to others, it allows for greater time management.  If only the truly important things are left to go through, Drucker would appreciate it.  The other unimportant things he would probably like to be rid of. So, taking both of their thoughts on the subject and combining the two, I think will help me to organize my time, force me to be realistic about what I can accomplish in the time I have allotted and not always feel like I am being rushed. It is a work in progress, however, I think it is attainable and necessary in business and life.