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Cybersecurity and the effect on businesses

The internet has inundated every part of our lives. As technology continues to grow, the business world struggles to keep up. Cybersecurity has become a necessity for the protection of all businesses no matter what the industry. The importance of cybersecurity increases daily. Hardly a day goes by where we do not see a

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Over two million IoT devices vulnerable because of P2P component flaws

This Zdnet article focuses on the vulnerabilities found in over 2 million IoT devices due to p2p component flaws. The products that are affected by those flaws are every day products that a lot of people have in their homes. These products include :IP cameras, baby monitors, smart door bells and DVR's. Security research

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Cybersecurity Around the World

China is a big asset in international outsourcing. Many countries rely on them for low cost and quality production of products sold all over the world. In June of this year they instituted a new cybersecurity law that foreign companies are greatly worried about. This law has caused operating costs to grow significantly. “Under the

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The Cost of Cyberattacks

The cost of cyberattacks can be overwhelming. Because criminals are constantly adapting to the security we put in place, we are constantly trying keep up. They are also no longer dealing in small attacks, they are bolder and better at achieving more and more invasive and costly attacks. The cost of cyberattacks is more than

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