Your company brand is probably your firm’s most valuable asset but most of the time it’s neglected. Your brand is your firm’s reputation and it is what the customers see on the marketplace.
Below is the process that we go through when working with our clients on brand development.

  • Business Strategy and Vision – It’s important that if you are clear on your business strategy and vision, your brand will help get you there.
  • ABC Targeted Customers – As a rule of thumb it’s a more successful to segment target clients rather then casting a big net “everybody”. From our experience, with a defined list of clients, there’s higher growth, and higher profit.
  • Brand Positioning – Separate your brand from the competition with market positioning
  • Develop Name, Logo and Tagline – Communicate your name, logo and tagline in your communication to your employee, and clients.
  • Marketing Strategy – We are big on having content as your marketing tool.
  • Website Development – The most important branding tool.
  • Social Media – Get your brand to the marketplace there by posting.

  • Report and Tracking – Know the numbers so that you can track how you progressed.