At the tactical level of an organization, the concept of having cascading goals is referring to how the vision of the company is translated and put into action by everyone in the company. The vision of a company should be well thought out and explained thoroughly to everyone. The vision starts at the highest level of management, passed down through the various levels of hierarchy of the company and then to operations. Each level has a set of goals they must attain in order to achieve the ultimate vision of the company. It is imperative that the management not only understands but, is then able to explain the vision to everyone fully. It is also then incumbent upon management to organize and strategize the best way to implement a plan. Everyone needs to be able to see the vision clearly and agree to a plan for their individual goals. Ensuring the company vision comes to fruition depends upon communication, a clear plan, individual goals and someone to monitor progress. Having a well thought out plan for all levels of your organization is key. Do you have a vision statement? Do you need help creating one? Email us, we’d be happy to help get you started