Dr. BJ Fogg developed a model to help determine what causes people’s behavior to change. The Fogg Behavior Model has three elements that must take place at the same time for a certain behavior to happen. The three elements are: Motivation, Ability and a Prompt. The model asserts that if a certain behavior you desire does not occur, one of the three is missing. Research and analysis of people’s behavior plays a very big role in persuading people to purchase a particular product or walking into a store. “First, the FBM shows how behavior is the result of three specific elements coming together at one moment. Next, the FBM explains the subcomponents of each element. In addition, the FBM shows that Motivation and Ability can be traded off (e.g., if motivation is very high, ability can be low). In other words, Motivation and Ability have a compensatory relationship to each other. Finally, the FBM applies most directly to practical issues of designing for behavior change” (Fogg, 2007).